/ Instructors rotate.  
 All of our instructors are highly trained,certified, and share their own style and insight. At times instructors may be substituted ,and /or share a rotation.  Have no doubt that all can offer a great and worthy class.  So enjoy  the diversity, enjoy the opportunity to sample the differences, and every so often, enjoy change.  


-12:15PM-1:15PM - Lunch time YogaFeed yourself right! -  Susan (Green Room)
-6:15-7:30PM Yogalates (Open Level) Get the best of two worlds!  Rama (Sun Room) 
-6:30-7:30pm- Yoga Therapy - Something we can all use a little of :) Susan (Green Room)
-7:30-8:30PM - Dancersize "Work that body to a stronger sexier YOU! Alternates teachers(Green Rm)
-7:30-8:45PM-Anusara Inspired Yoga (Lev.1-2 Yoga)Balance between freedom & stability. Flo ( Sun)

10:15-11:30am - YogaLates: just get up and go!  Work it, Stretch it, Flex it, Crunch it-DONE! Elizabeth

-5:15-6:00pm - Trim-n-Tone...and get ready for some fun in the sun! Mimi
-1:15-2:15PM -  Lunch time Yoga:  Yummy Yoga! Brandon
-6:15-7:30pm - Moon Salutations-Open Level Yoga:   For every-bodyHeesu
-7:30-8:30pm - Mat Pilates: Work the core,& everything else follows nicely. Kristan


-12:15-1:15pm-Lunchtime Yoga: Feed your Mind, Body & Soul. Susan 
-4:30-5:30pm- Pre Ballet for 3, and 4's.  Too cute for words.  Jeanette
-6:30-7:30pmYogaLates: A beautiful mix of Mind, Body and Core. Rama
*7:30-8:30pm - TANGO-ALA-ARGENTINO:Yea, 3 words....HOT-HOT-HOT!!!  Azul & Ruben

-9:00-10:15am-Sun Salutations Yoga:Start the weekend off glowing! - Susan  
-10:30-11:30am - Mat Pilates -Core Values! "Ginger" Kristen
-11:30-12:30PM- Masala Bhangra Workout ®Dance, Laugh, and work it ALL out! -Roshani
*-1:00-2:00pm - Pre-Natal Yoga:  It's never too early to start the bonding. Florence

Sunday's:  AKA  "Elizabethan day" ;)  
-9:00am-10:15am - Level 2 Yoga: Sun Salutations!  Elizabeth
-10:30-11:45am -Yogalates:Yea, we  want it all!   Elizabeth
 -11:45am-1:00PM - Restorative/Gentle Yoga: Aaahhhhhh......-Elizabeth 

YOGA 101: An Introduction to Yoga
Alternates month to month 
on Saturday or Sunday.

*-2:00-4:00pm-English -YOGA 101: An Introduction to Yoga Monthly Series
*-4:00-6:00pm-Spanish -YOGA 101: Introducion al Yoga, Seria mensual

 Give yourself a month, and open up the rest of your life to the benefits of this 5000 year old mind and body practice. Get in the know with a well-rounded yogic immersion: From philosophy and theory, to balancing your Chakaras, Meditation & Pranayama (breath Control), Ayurveyda/Nutrition, and of course, asanas (Postures) their names, position, and the why, what and how to do them so it fits perfectly for your body and in your life!
 Only $99.00 Per Person for 8 hours of Instruction!
(Limited to a small group, so pre-registration is a must.  Also, first session must be attended, and it's recommended that the series be taken in order, however any session # 2-4 can be made when the next Monthly is given.)


.....Workshops Coming in May:

Essential Oils:  - Attract what you desire through Aroma therapy w/Margo of doTerra Essential Oils
Did you know that using essential oils is a powerful way to -Raise your mood -Support emotional healing -Build your Immune system -Assist in Pain Relief -Clean the air -Combat Stress, and so much more. Join us for this sensually informative way to attract your needs, and desires. 

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Denotes a specialty class and not included in regular class pass.  An additional cost required, please see rates/prices, or feel free to contact us for more information.

All other classes pr-sign up (RSVP ) is strongly advised.  

                    Drop-ins are welcome, but advanced reservations are very much encouraged.
                           You can do so by emailing, calling, coming in or on our Facebook Page, .  
​ Hours of Operation:                           
Monday/Tuesday/Friday's : Studio opens 15 minutes before day classes, and then door will be closed while class is in session.   
Wednesday's  > Front Desk Hours 12:30-3:00pm
Studio re-opens at 5pm during the week
Saturday and Sunday's 9-5pm 

  LAST UPDATE: April 3, 2014