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     Mimi Borda dedicates herself to her love of teaching by creating an environment that allows her students to grow both physically and psychologically. She holds certifications through Yoga Alliance with specializations in Pre-natal, and Senior Yoga, as well as being certified through The American Fitness and Aerobics Association, American Arthritis Association, Zumba®, and is a certified Hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnosis. It was through her Graduate studies in Health Psychology that she discovered Yoga, as well as the mind-body practice of Pilates. As an avid, and life-long, dancer her love for movement, connection and flow came lovingly together in a perfect organic "Trifecta" that is Yoga, Pilates and Dance.  
​      Mimi shares this love and passion and strives to help her students strengthen their body as well as their mind by opening them up for a transformational experience for self-actualization on, as well as “off the mat”. It all starts by taking care of ourselves and nourishing and embracing who we are. Creating a place for students to honor and pay homage to the gift of their mind, body, and reconnecting to the light that shines within.   Mimi is a native New Yorker, currently living in Queens with her beloved fur- baby “Romeo”. 
Florence "Flo" Cabre-Andrews, a native French speaker, became a mother seven years ago and decided to dedicate herself entirely to the practice and teachings of yoga. Since completing her 200 hour teacher training at The Center for Yoga Studies at Sonic Yoga, Flo has also completed over 200 hours of children's yoga training, an advanced mum and baby training, pre/postnatal training, as well as the three immersions from Anusara. Flo teaches children, youth and adults all around New York. A strong believer in the transformative power of yoga, she encourages her students to follow their heart by embracing their greater potential on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. Everyday, she practices to find peace, harmony, and integrity within her body, mind and spirit.
Castulo "Rama" Castro, a New York-Venezuelan, has been an active practitioner in the Martial for 34 years, beginning with traditional Kung-fu in the late 1970’s. He earned his Black Belt in 1989 and has also been a member of the World Black Belt Bureau since 1996. He also holds certification for other styles such as Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuen. It was not until 2003 when he read an interesting article about Hatha Yoga from Sri Sathya Sai Baba of India, in which it stated the benefits for spiritual evolution, Rama's life began another path. In 2004 he did a 6 month teacher training course with the “Great Universal Fraternity” (La Gran Fraternidad Universal), pioneers of yoga in Venezuela. In 2006 he received his teacher certification in Bikram -"Hot Yoga”, and in 2011 he did an intense teachers course with Vyasa Deva, director of the “School of Life” Maryland USA. Rama enjoys teaching and likes to combine some of his martial arts techniques with his style of Yoga, he considers himself a Bhakti Yogui (devotional). Always included in his class sessions are mantra chants from the Vedas” and occasionally he offers hands on healing such as Reiki and Thai Yoga Massage.
Azul is a professional Argentine Tango dancer and teacher. She has taken an active role in major performances in Buenos Aires and many cities around the world. As a dancer, she has performed Acrobatic Tango and Lyrical Jazz in various ballroom companies on the Italian Riviera, the Costa Brava in Spain, and the Cote d'Azur in France. In the United States, Azul has been invited to represent the Tango as an important aspect of Argentine culture. As a special guest dancer, she has also been part of several Tango exhibitions for the Argentine Embassy in Washington, D.C. In her teaching role, Azul runs her own Dance Academy in Buenos Aires and today she continues to offer workshops and classes in New York City. Azul and Ruben became dance partners to develop and take forward demonstrations and presentations of Argentine Tango in New York and Washington, D.C.

Roshani Thakore decided to become a certified instructor in 2011 after studying the Masala Bhangra Workout® for three years with founder Sarina Jain and Master Instructors Mickela Malozzi and Gail Rivas. She was most recently featured in the latest Masala Bhangra Workout® DVD, Bhangra Burn, has appeared on CBS Sunday Morning News and ABC Nightline, and has taught and orchestrated Masala Bhangra Workout® classes and workshops throughout New York City. As an Indian-American she is thrilled to be able to share her love for her culture while helping people get stronger and healthier.
Asiya Basyrova found her love for yoga upon moving to New York from Russia in 2008. When hearing about yoga she was fascinated, it seemed like a whole new world to discover, and once she tried it, it was! Without hesitation she became certified in the Vinyasa style. 
In addition to teaching others the beauty of yoga, Asiya also practiced while pregnant with her daughter, Renatta who was then born in 2010. Yoga allowed for an easier pregnancy, and post pregnancy Mommy and Me Yoga classes helped her get her strength back in her body relatively quickly, as she learned to love yoga with her new bundle of joy. Now Renatta “…loves repeating the poses after me, and sometimes we sit in meditation together, and even chant”, Kids love that! Asiya says yoga has made her into another person. It’s helped to discover and open doors within her that were previously closed. She challenges herself as well as her students through movement, and endurance postures.  

Asiya Basyrova  

   Beverly Goodman began her yoga practice more than 15 years ago as a way to help her run better. After many years of study, primarily in the Anusara tradition, she now credits yoga with helping her live her life better. Through her 200-hour training at the World Yoga Center, she developed a love of meditation and pranayama, practicing both regularly and often weaving these other important aspects of yoga into her classes. She infuses every class with a theme that embodies humor and self-inquiry, with a focus on encouragement, alignment, and injury prevention. She’s studied anatomy with Dr. Ray Long, Ellen Saltonstall, Leslie Kaminoff, and others, and also has certifications in Prenatal yoga and Restorative yoga.  Beverly is a full-time journalist, a career that requires her to be a good listener, curious question-asker, and a keen observer and synthesizer of information—all in the service of explaining complicated topics in an entertaining way. These skills inform her teaching, but above all, her classes are about incorporating timeless teachings from many traditions into a practice that students can use to find a deeper connection—both on and off the mat. 
Beverly Goodman
Dani’s trained and certified in the Ashtanga-Vinyasa tradition. Yoga entered her life from a young age, and after pursuing jazz trombone for some time, she decided to answer her calling and become a messenger of these sacred practices. Meditation has been an important tool for her to overcome obstacles and release fear--fear of death, fear of life--and she passes this on to her students through asana, meditation, pranayama.  
Classes with Dani are dynamic and interactive--she teaches that you are your greatest teacher and her goal is to teach you enough technique so that you can go on and guide your own spiritual journey. When not teaching and practicing, Dani is studying nutrition at Hunter College, playing trombone, laughing, and hanging with her cute baby turtle, Jupiter. 

Dani Katz
Mike Mancini began to practice yoga in 2004 within the Iyengar tradition, he felt a deep connection to yoga’s wisdom, and was inspired by yoga’s holistic approach to wellbeing. Shortly thereafter, he received his 200, and then later his 500 hour certifications from the well known, Yoga Works, and a 100 hour certification in Ashtanga Yoga from the just as known, Pure Yoga School. In addition to Ashtanga, Vinyasa style classes, his yoga endeavors include classes for Osteoporosis and Restorative/ Gentle yoga. Mike has participated in triathlons, swimming, biking, and running sports, and continues to run as well as coach with the USTF
Mike’s motto can be expressed as, “we start where we are, looking to move forward with the tools we have at hand.” Mike brings the discipline and work of the athlete, with his love for detail, making his classes challenging yet enjoyable and suited for his students’ needs.  

           Anna Vuoria
After acquiring a degree in Art History Anna moved to NY to pursue her career in arts and culture. Growing up in Northern Finland she has been active from a young age, enjoying downhill skiing, tennis, and dancing. She was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of fourteen, which motivated her to focus extra attention on core strength and more therapeutic forms of exercise. Soon she found that yoga and Pilates alleviated all of the back pains caused by scoliosis and office work. Anna has been practicing Pilates since 2008 and finally in 2015 she decided to pay it forward and get certified as a mat Pilates instructor at Core Pilates NYC. 

The foundation of her classes is classical, but she modifies the class she is teaching based on the student’s well being at that time. In her routines, each exercise prepares the body for the next. Her goal is to help people find strength, flexibility, alignment and balance in their bodies no matter 
what their individual starting point is. 

                  Mike Mancini
Ever since a friend introduced Yoga to Paul, his life changed in all aspects. The first time he tried yoga however, he was so stiff, until he fell in love with the concept, and learned to harness his potential. Paul believes that the goal of yoga is not just about the physical practice, but also to achieve a full mental, emotional, and spiritual control of one's being, and with the use of our breath, body & mind together it can be achieved, he says. 

Paul is a practicing nurse, and along with his practice of yoga his life is challenging as well as fulfilling. He also likes spending time on the beach and is a foodie. Paul’s goal is to share his knowledge of yoga and health consciousness with all.