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Thai Yoga Body Work

A Dynamic and sacred body work based upon yogic practices. In this unique system the practitioner guides the client through a series of stretches similar to what one might feel doing yoga postures,while palming and thumbing along the body's energy ('Sen") lines and pressure points. Together these actions result in a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system, and balances the body energetically.  Thai Yoga Body Work is performed on a a floor mat, and both client and practitioner are dressed in comfortable clothing allowing for ease of movement and flexibility. 
$150 per 90 minute session

YOGA 101 Series: An Introduction to Yoga 
A great introduction to yoga! Give yourself this gift,  and open up the rest of your life to the benefits of this 5000 year old mind and body practice. Get in the know with a well-rounded yogic immersion: From History, Philosophy and Theory, to Etiquette, Balancing your Chakras, Meditation & Pranayama (breath Control),  and of course, asanas (Postures) their names, position, and the why, what and how to do them so it fits perfectly for your body, and in your life!
Only $198.00 Per Person for the entire series!
Limited to a small group, so pre-registration is a must. 

Yoga: Beginner’s & Beyond: Where it all started!  
Yoga's many benefits include a strong and flexible mind and body, as well as a joyful spirit. Practicing yoga brings about healing on all levels - within ourselves, and out into our world. That’s “taking it off the mat” as the benefits of our practice stays with us long after getting off our mat. Beginners will find this class helpful for learning the basic postures, developing concentration and building body awareness. If however, you’ve never done yoga before, we recommend starting with our YOGA 101: An Introduction to Yoga Series and begin your wonderful life-long journey with yoga.  

Open Level YogaFor every-body. Instructors will offer modifications where and when needed for varying levels of experience. 

Level 1-2: A bit more experienced in the practice.

Level 2: For the more advanced practitioner. Advanced asanas and/or class flow. 

Vinyasa Yoga Level 1-2: A meditative Flow.  Roots in Hatha yoga, utilizing the breath to coordinate movement, flow, and focus. A Vinyasa practice will encourage the exploration of your physical body, while using the breath to connect the mind and body often referred to as a "moving meditation". This style allows for variety with each instructor adding their own uniqueness to the mix, and coupled with yours, each practice is sure to bring new discoveries. Expect movement, stretching, flexing, strengthening, and balancing in these Vinyasa-based classes. Enjoy! 

Yoga en Español Nivel Abierto: -Una forma de Yoga donde se usa la respiración para fluir atravez de las asanas o posturas. Esta práctica libera toxinas del cuerpo, genera vitalidad, flexibilidad, fortaleza y relaja la mente.

Vigorous Yoga Level 2:- Bring it! A vigorous approach to Vinyasa Yoga, with an emphasis on cardio and muscle conditioning. Build strength, flexibility, tone and get that awesome "yoga high"! 

                             The Gentle approaches - Level 1
Chair Yoga: Yoga is excellent for nourishing the mind and body throughout the life span and at times we'll find that we need something challenging yet gentle to keep us young in mind, body and spirit.  This class uses a chair for additional support. Most of the exercises are done while sitting, leaning, or holding onto a chair. This makes it a great way to practice yoga for people that aren’t otherwise too active in their lives and/or have limited mobility. Gentle movement encourages better circulation, while weight bearing standing poses are a safe way to help build bone density. Awaken areas of the body that have been inactive, soothe aching joints, and strengthen muscles, while you calm your mind with this enjoyable practice. Any level of practitioner can benefit from this class. Be sure to tell your teacher about any physical limitations or illness so that modifications can be offered for a more comfortable experience. (Note: Our studio is located on the 2nd. floor , a flight of stairs of approximately 20 steps need to be considered for those with limited mobilities.)  

Gentle Yoga: This class consists of stretches, movement and postures that calm the sympathetic nervous system; helpful in de-stressing mind and body.

Restorative Yoga/Yoga Therapies: Treat your mind and body right
When supported by props (blocks, straps, chairs, etc.) the body relaxes and opens, releasing tension from the neck, shoulder, hips, legs, feet, and most importantly the back. Good for those with physical injuries, and/or conditions ranging from insomnia to migraines, to depression. Your body will be left feeling opened and refreshed.

 *Pre-Natal Yoga: Yes it’s true, it's never too early to connect!  
Many, doctors, mid-wives, and women have stated that Yoga helps better connect moms-to-be and their soon-to-arrive babies. Yoga also assists with a better transition into the months of pregnancy and helped prepare for the big day! Yoga Asanas, or poses are ways of moving or holding the body in different positions to gently stretch, and is a great way to keep the body active and supple while pregnant. You’ll practice postures that work on the reproductive organs and pelvis to allow for a smoother pregnancy and an easier more focused and enjoyable child birth. While concentrated breathing (prananyama) is a powerful way to ensure an abundant supply of oxygen is reaching the fetus, while infusing you with some extra “life force” as well! Yoga breathing will also condition a better mind and body connection, that’s going to help a great deal on that special day! A little meditation will offer a heightened state of awareness, a greater bonding with your baby to be, while helping address both on a psychological and an emotional level any fears or concerns moving forward. Lastly, but certainly not least, ahhhh...., deep relaxation learn it now, because you’ll need it later! The effects of a yoga practice during pregnancy can make for a smoother pregnancy, relatively easier childbirth and a quicker restoration of body post labor.
*A doctor’s clearance is required, and it is recommended that you follow yoga under expert guidance throughout your pregnancy. 

                             Find your Power House!

Mat Pilates: Harness your power! A body conditioning routine primarily practiced on the mat, that seeks to build strength, flexibility, endurance, and control of the body in movement while sculpting the core (abdominal muscles) or "powerhouse", without adding muscle bulk. People who practice Pilates regularly feel they have better posture, are less prone to injury, have firmer abs, legs and buttocks.

Yogalates/Core Yoga: The Best of both Worlds. A blend of the meditative flow and the breathing techniques of yoga, with the controlled movements of Pilates will leave you feeling energized yet relaxed while you strengthen, tone, tighten, and firm the body. 

                               Guided MeditationClear your mind.
Empty out the mind and rejuvenate your potential. Take a journey inward - body sweeping, possibly some chanting and light movement will assist in relaxation, and de-stressing, gaining improved self-awareness while tapping into and harnessing your Chi (energy) for an over all better 

Ask about our specialized programs, Retreats, and Events throughout the year.  

Mimi's Schedule 
FOR MORE INFO CALL: 718-505-YOGA (9642)

-10:30am - Zumba -Queens Community House Forest Hills (108th and 63rd Dr.) TEL: 718-592-5757

-8:00am Open Level Yoga - Flushing YMCA, Northern Blvd 
-9:00am Mat Pilates
-11:00am Chair Yoga for Seniors -Katherine Sheriden Senior Center, Jackson Heights (83rd St. between 37th/35th)
-2:00pm Chair Yoga -Queens Center for Gay Seniors -Jewish Center, 37th Ave/76th st Jackson Heights
Please call the Centre for more information: 718-533-6459

YMCA, Long Island City Branch
32-23 Queens Blvd, LIC, NY 11101
Tel: 718-392-7932
-6:30pm Mat Pilates 
-7:30pm Vinyasa Yoga  

-10:30am Chair Yoga -Queens Community House, Forest Hills

-7:30pm Mat Pilates -Long Island City YMCA - Queens Blvd

-9:30am Chair Yoga - Jamaica YMCA - 89-25 Parsons Blvd. TEL: 718-739-6600
-11:30 - Meditation Queens Centre for Gay Seniors at Jackson Heights Jewish Centre (37th Ave at 77th St.)

*YOGA 101: An Introduction To Yoga Workshop...Please call or check back for the next monthly Series 

​​*YOGA 101 Monthly SERIES
$198.00 per person in a small group
Otherwise Private Series is $499 per person.
 Consists of 2 sessions of 3 hours each. (Total 6 hours) 
PLEASE NOTE: Pre-Registration is required. 
(Includes all materials)

...and, sometimes it just has to be your way, on your time in order to capture every detail and benefit, 
and truly enjoy that "me time", whether alone, with that special someone, your besties, or co-workers.

Privates>>> $88 per person per hour session
Semi Privates, or Small groups of up to 5 student members can split this rate. ​

CORPORATE >>>Rate dependent upon number of sessions

Thai Yoga Body Work
$150 per 90 Minute Session


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