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 Show them how much you really love and care for them 

   *Private Sessions in Yoga, Thai Yoga Body Release, Mat Pilates,

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is not an optional indulgence, it's an absolute necessity for the 
well-being of our ourselves and our loved ones.
     Yoga 101 Series: An Introduction To Yoga:                 (Private / Semi Private)
​$498.00 per person 
Completely new to yoga? 
This is the perfect series for beginners!

Thai Yoga Body Releasing
1.5 hour session.
Invest in this
Invest in this
           Summer Farewell 2018          September 1st-7th

Tour and Yoga Retreat to
  Playa Del Carmen
        $1495.00 per person
         *All Inclusive 5 Star Resort
     Maya Riviera Paradise
*Junior Suite Accommodations based on Doubles or Triples
*All Meals and *Drinks including local cocktails
*Excursions to the Ancient Mayan City of 
Chichen Itza An UNESCO World Heritage Site
The Ruins at Tulum, and a 
Natural Reserve underwater Caves 
and much more!

The Story of Mimi For Me Yoga
From the top of Machu Picchu to opening the premier yoga studio in Jackson Heights, who would've known? Certainly not Mimi herself!  However, it seems the stars had been aligning; Since 2008 when officially becoming an RYT (registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance) Mimi began leading small group classes. In addition to being an adjunct psychology professor at a local college, leading fitness classes in Manhattan, Long Island , and Queens, maintaining an independent real estate business, already working with a senior population, and volunteering in the fight against animal cruelty, Mimi began to rent out an hour or two a week from a local dance center in the neighborhood she's known all her life so she could offer her students, friends, neighbors a little "R and R", strength, flex and balance through the myriad benefits of yoga.  

Upon her return from what turned out to be a spectacular spiritual trip to Peru in January 2010, the dance center closed their doors! At the urging of her students (one in particular, thanks Monica R.) she looked for a place to create into a mind and body wellness studio.  She was hesitant at first as this was not in any of her plans, but as it would turn out, it was "a calling", and Mimi realized that what she had recently encountered atop of that magical mountain in Machu Picchu was a sign of something to come, and she just knew she had to provide a place here, at the cross roads of the world where to serve the global local community that is Jackson Heights.   A place whereby anyone could come and partake in mind/body classes, and workshops.  Here, the members could meet their neighbors, make new friends, spend time with some of the most caring, and knowledgeable teachers in the world as well as get in a little quality "Me Time" so that this little escape from the hustle and bustle of NYC life could provide the boost needed to go back out there, and be the very best for self, and others.  

So with an already busy life, no game plan, and limited funds, Mimi surrendered, and relied on the powers-that-be who sent this calling, and just about a month after her return from South America, Mimi For Me Yoga, Mind & Body Wellness opened it's doors inFebruary 2010 to offer intimate small classes for every-body, to benefit physically, emotionally as well as psychologically. A place where members would feel at home when they came in, where they'd make new friends, meet their neighbors and know they're part of a community family of caring, and like-minded people.  

After 7 years of doing her heart's mission Mimi's path began to turn, and therefore the little studio that could, and did, closed it's doors.  Though the praise and acknowledgement have been tremendous from many, the most important of course, for Mimi, has always been, and will continue to be the satisfaction and improvement she sees in her student/clients.

Yoga teaches us to be flexible in both body and mind.  Not to attach ourselves to anything, and to always do the best with what we have.  In Mimi's words, as her many students know when she ends each practice,"... stay connected to what's most important on this journey; Joy-Love-Gratitude, and Peace. 


If payment after July 10th.  Payment must be made in full.   Use PayPal to make your secure payment in full of $1695, plus service fee.
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718-505-YOGA (9642)
              Mimi For Me Yoga is here for YOU! 
   Mimi's philosophy is simple, spend some quality “Me Time" often enough 
so as to cultivate your stronger mind & body, and in turn you'll pamper 
your soul, and elevate your spirit.  Each of us has the potential to be 
more empowered, so that collectively we can build a more positive 
community, and it all starts with taking care of the ME, in order to take 
care of the rest.
    Mimi has been committed to supporting every-BODY for quite some time no matter 
where on life's journey that mind and body of yours finds itself.  If you need a little extra to keep moving you along on your path, whether through Life-coaching, Yoga Therapy, Yoga or Pilates practice, or renewing with some Thai Yoga Body work, contact Mimi for a free consultation, and assessment for one on one work.  Otherwise, catch her at any of her weekly classes! 
 - Mimi tambien habla Espanol si es su preferencia.  


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